Usable Keyboard

Michael Sheldon mike at
Sat Aug 9 14:50:39 CEST 2008

Dale Maggee wrote:
>> Press and hold the letter for about 1.5-2 sec. 
> I'm aware of this
>> Quite easy to form words this
>> way.  
> Granted, it's not difficult, but it's damn time-comsuming! typing my 
> name takes nearly 10 seconds this way! :O
>> Using FSO image these days but i used to type on the terminal in
>> Qtopia easily with this keyboard.
> How did you type "/" quickly?
>> Enter is sliding finger towards the right quickly!
> Are you sure it's enter and not space?

  Sliding right will send the currently selected word to the application 
(same as tapping the word). The return key is on the symbols page, on 
the bottom right.


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