FR, browser and matchbox-keyboard

Christian Weßel wesselch at
Sat Aug 9 17:41:03 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

I have installed the openmoko-browser to my FR (with uImage-2.6.24
+git20080424-om-gta02.bin and related rootfs, I don' know the shortcut)
and I have add the matchbox-keyboard (due to full QWERTY-keys) instead
of multitab-pad succesfully.

My wifi works fine, but if I surf to a site with an entry field (e.g. and want to enter a search term (or on other sites a
UID/PW), I get no keyboard displayed. During the entering of URL the
keyboard appears and disappears if I change to browser view.

How can I activate the keyboard? Or how can I automate the appearance at
selection of an enter field?

mfg/br, christian

Flurstraße 14
29640 Schneverdingen

E-Mail: wesselch at
Telefon: +49 5193 97 14 95
Mobile:  +49 171 357 59 57
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