2008 WTF??

Aaron Sowry aaron at aeneby.com
Sat Aug 9 18:23:08 CEST 2008

Mike Montour wrote:
> Scott wrote:
>> Booting up...  Could it be any more confusing??  First the OM screen, 
>> then the standard linux text scrolling, then the boots, then blank, then 
>> the boots again, then some more text, then blank again???  WTF over? 
>> Can't we have just one damn boot screen?
The thing that annoys me most is an indication that the phone has 
finished booting when it really hasn't. For example, the progress bar on 
2008.8 which leads to another loading screen after it hits 100% (this 
time with NO indication of progress), and the little chime in 2007.2 
which makes you think the phone has finally booted, when really you're 
left waiting another 15 seconds. I don't mind a slightly long boot time 
so long as the visual/audio feedback makes sense!


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