2008 WTF??

ted braak t_b at linuxmail.org
Sat Aug 9 18:32:09 CEST 2008

2008 was launched like this:

William Lai wrote:

" Here is what you can expect:

- A stable and working phone stack realized by using Qtopia.

- A new and flexible window manager [Illume] that broadens our support 
for the different graphic libraries, including GTK+ and more.

- The whole system software has been reworked which leads to a very fast 
and reliable suspend & resume, LED control and power management. " 

It is not stable, software is not fast, and power management is not reliable. 
Announcing something this way leads to disappointments.
I have real doubts about the some Quality Assurance aspects of this team. 
Also I don't see real dedication and vision to get rid of bugs and produce something stable and usable. It looks like there is more effort in bringing us bling. 
I think bling is something that can be created by the community itself. 

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