2008 WTF??

Bumbl bumbl3x3 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 20:09:09 CEST 2008

As it seems they have the contrary.
They have a leader which seems to dictate everything without
accepting ideas from the developers or the community.

Dimitri wrote:
> It's hard to argue with your points, since the phone STILL can't connect to
> the internet *out-of-the-box*.
> (Who wants to manually hack a dozen files, or install some guy's
> half-working gui posted on some blog that requires google-translate to
> read?)
> Why the developers are spending time breaking things that were previously
> worked (see ASU keyboard), rather than fixing what's broken and in desperate
> need of fixing, is beyond me.
> Is it a lack of leadership? For this aggressive undertaking to be
> successful, it needs at least one person to prioritize, delegate, and lead
> the other developers.
> Is there such a person at Openmoko? If not, that's the problem. Having a
> team of developers, without clear leadership, is akin to herding cats :)
> D
> ted braak wrote:
>> I have real doubts about the some Quality Assurance aspects of this team. 
>> Also I don't see real dedication and vision to get rid of bugs and produce
>> something stable and usable. It looks like there is more effort in
>> bringing us bling. 
>> I think bling is something that can be created by the community itself. 

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