2008 WTF??

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Sat Aug 9 20:44:08 CEST 2008

> Why the developers are spending time breaking things that were  
> previously
> worked (see ASU keyboard), rather than fixing what's broken and in  
> desperate
> need of fixing, is beyond me.

Yeah I concur with this here, its definitely been a matter of  
patience, watching things go backwards before they apparently .. any  
day now .. go forwards.

> Is it a lack of leadership? For this aggressive undertaking to be
> successful, it needs at least one person to prioritize, delegate,  
> and lead
> the other developers.

Its a bit hippy-dippy, if you want to know my opinion (you probably  
don't), and by that I mean that the punch-bowl is running linux.

> Is there such a person at Openmoko? If not, that's the problem.  
> Having a
> team of developers, without clear leadership, is akin to herding  
> cats :)

I think the best we can hope for is that from the 2008.8 release  
onwards, we'll now start to see the massive progress we've always been  
promised as a result of community contributions.  I suppose its fair  
to say that the majority of the platform-specific 'hard work' has been/ 
is being done by the core OM team, and now its up to us to start  

That said, I have not been able to succesfully complete a 'make  
openmoko-developer-image' for a week, and its been terribly  
frustrating watching all the bloat of OM go by, with little final  
'caught up with the main developers' resuts.  I'm going to give it  
another go, though, so stay tuned ..

Jay Vaughan

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