2008 WTF??

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Sat Aug 9 20:48:26 CEST 2008

> Well, that's just mean. It's not like they don't listen to the  
> community
> or communicate with it, on ALL levels. But it's not like all community
> ideas can be implemented immideately, and that everyone can be made
> happy. Anarchy doesn't work even in open source.

Well the problem is that the toolchain has such a huge ramp-up to just  
get started that there really isn't much contribution to the mainline  
base packages from the community.

If we look at the major contributions in the form of apps and new  
things coming to the platform lately, we do *not* see a lot of them  
being built using the main OM body of tools - mostly are compiled  
separately, not packaged into .ipk files, or even better: just plain  
ol' python based projects that you hand-install.

There really is *no* momentum behind the OM build system that I see  
right now, in terms of 3rd party developers picking it up and getting  
started with it.  You have to sit through a few days of compiling just  
to catch up with the factory image, and even then there are so many  
forks on the other side of the fence that you'd be lucky to produce a  
md5-compatible image using the current build tools.

> I think 2008.08 is in most ways a step forward. And in the things that
> aren't like that.. sometimes you have to take a half step back to get
> two steps forward. Constructive criticism is the best help one can  
> give,
> but bitching is just stupid.


Jay Vaughan

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