2008 WTF??

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at wendt.se
Sat Aug 9 18:50:26 CEST 2008

On 2008-08-09, 09:51 -0600 Scott wrote words in English and overall
acted out as he was less then 10 yrs old, and this is snippets of what
he wrote:
> [...] WTF over? 
> Can't we have just one damn boot screen?
> Why is it so slow now?  Everything takes forever?
> Why won't it wake up from sleeping?  tap the screen nothing?  Press the 
> aux button nothing?  Press the main button nothing??  Then all of a 
> sudden on its own, it makes a popping noise and the screen is back to 
> life?  WTF over?
[you can almost guess what he wrote here]
> WTF?

You sure gotta be hell of a contributer, mass order client, or you ought
to shut up. If you aren't contributing in a constructive way, you should
start by pulling the plug out of your ass and put in your mouth - try
harder. Find useful pieces of information and start contributing. Or get
a phone from some generic vendor. Apple has a cool and slick one called
iPhone. Might suite you just fine.

But please, writing WTF ten times in a mail where there's no new
information really isn't gonna help you (or anyone else for that

/ Fredrik Wendt, who also has the exact same device Scott has, as many
others do too but doesn't scream WTF as soon his/her proclaimed
non-finished device shows it's serious hickups
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