Booting OM 2008.08 from SD - Re: Openmoko Om 2008.8 Release

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Sat Aug 9 23:38:07 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Now, I have found a way to boot to OM 2008.8 from SD (actually VFAT +
| EXT3).
| But I'm too unable to use network over USB now (works fine if
| rebooting to 2007.2 in flash).
| lsusb reports :
|  Bus 002 Device 105: ID 1457:5122 First International Computer, Inc.
OpenMoko Neo1973 kernel cdc_ether USB network
| which is fine.

Yes if you get that far, it is not the U-Boot problem and no missing
modules issue either, so as you say "something else".  Other people
mentioned it after update to 2008.8 but for them it "went away".

| Network on desktop side is correct, but no ping nor ssh find valid
| route to destination ( :(

What does it say for

ifconfig usb0
route -n

on your host?  Also any


that involves USB connection action.

| Any idea why USB may still be broken ? Maybe since it's running from
| SD instead of from flash ?
| Don't tell me we need another hadware fix because of SD access ? ;-)

Oooh no I don't see that one coming :-)  "USB" is not broken since the
enumeration action is good, the Ethernet over USB stuff has been stable
for a good while: something else is broken for example allocation of IP
address on Freerunner side will make this kind of trouble.  I recall
they were talking about Conman or similar for IP allocation of
interfaces maybe it involves that somehow (<--- pure guess)

| I actually have no other ideas for diagnostic (no terminal nor other
| network connection ;( ).

A debug board gets you out of that but otherwise... :-/

- -Andy
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