GPRS / Wifi

Mike Baroukh mike at
Sun Aug 10 00:52:11 CEST 2008


I succeded to connect to GRPS with FSO.
I never succedeed under OM2007 or ASU.
If somebody is interested, I'm in France and my provider is Bouyges Telecom.
I completed with my APN.

But I'm asking this : When using wifi or usb, I don't need a proxy.
When using GPRS, I need a proxy.
I will not re-configure anything each time.

Does somebody know if there is a solution ?
(I will try to put an iptable rule to use my provider's proxy - wich is
a transparent proxy - but this will not work for https.)

To connect to internet, what would be nice is an application that just
make "internet on" or "internet off".
And for this, it would
- check if usb is plugged and works -> use usb
- check if a known wifi (whom I have password) network is usable -> use it
- check if an open wifi network is usable -> use it
[ add any way to connect here (bluetooth?) ]
- else connect to gprs

order should be configurable.
for each connection, there would be parameters :
- ip (static or dhcp)
- nameserver
- gateway
- proxy (http / https / ftp  ...)
- proxy type (transparent or not)
- user/password for proxy
- may be max upload/download bandwith
- may be firewall rules
- ...

an applet would just say :
internet : off
internet : on

if you click on it, it would display connection information and a
[dis]connect button.

and, finally, it would
- add an iptable to use the proxy transparently if supported -> but
https wouldn't work.
- put proxy information somewhere in a file so applications use it and
use the correct way to connect to internet (instead of the proxy). This
way, https would work also.

Last : may be it could connect to internet transparently if needed by an
An alert box then appear uring connection and disappear wen don,
returning to the application.
Of course, each connection profile can say if it can be used
automatically : I don't necessarely need that my gprs connection is used
if I don't have an ulimited plan.


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