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Jeff Davis heavensblade23 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 03:02:33 CEST 2008

> The smartphone is both hardware and software - it's not as trivial as a
> hammer that you compared it with.

Few analogies fit 1:1.  It was just an example.

Coverage of the FR gives one the impression that it's a phone for general
use and not a development phone.  You have
to look at the wiki before you find out the phone software isn't ready for

> The software is not finished yet. This is stated almost everywhere.

It's not stated on the ordering page or in a lot of the news coverage where
people find out about these things.

> Hence - if a person wants a ready to use phone, openmoko is not the way
> to go. I'm pretty sure you'd agree (at it's present state).

Yes, I agree, but people that bought one without knowing the full extent are
going to be mad.  It's essentially a
$400 mistake....the only real return policy stated is against the hardware
DOA and not buyer's regret.  With that being the case I think you really
need to manage expectations of what's coming in the box.

And we especially need to get rid of this "Well FINE, go buy an IPHONE
then!" attitude.  It's not so much telling someone they'd
be happier with an iphone as it the fact that one would imagine it being
said in the same tone you would use to go tell someone to jump
in a lake.

I think managing expectations is the crucial part...even slashdot had a
pretty lukewarm response to the FR, going by the comments.
Most of the discussion I've seen around the web seems to focus on the
preliminary state of the software rather than then openness of
the phone.
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