2008 WTF??

Steven Kurylo sk at infinitepigeons.org
Sun Aug 10 03:22:20 CEST 2008

> Coverage of the FR gives one the impression that it's a phone for general
> use and not a development phone.  You have
> to look at the wiki before you find out the phone software isn't ready for
> primetime.

No one can control the coverage.  I do think they should put a large
warning on the ordering page that the software won't be stable,
possibly, for months.

> Yes, I agree, but people that bought one without knowing the full extent are
> going to be mad.  It's essentially a
> $400 mistake....the only real return policy stated is against the hardware
> being
> DOA and not buyer's regret.  With that being the case I think you really
> need to manage expectations of what's coming in the box.

I'm sure you could resell it at a very small loss quite easily.
Othewise, like a post products, there is no return policy.

> And we especially need to get rid of this "Well FINE, go buy an IPHONE
> then!" attitude.  It's not so much telling someone they'd
> be happier with an iphone as it the fact that one would imagine it being
> said in the same tone you would use to go tell someone to jump
> in a lake.

I only see that happening in threads that start out like this one:
very unhelpfully unconstructive criticisms, bordering on juvenile
bitching.  To be polite.

> I think managing expectations is the crucial part...even slashdot had a
> pretty lukewarm response to the FR, going by the comments.
> Most of the discussion I've seen around the web seems to focus on the
> preliminary state of the software rather than then openness of
> the phone.

I expected an expensive paper weight which will eventually replace my
blackberry.  Perhaps thats why I'm very happy with my FR.

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