2008 WTF??

Stephen Shelton stephen at stephenashelton.com
Sun Aug 10 03:57:55 CEST 2008

I think the the largest pain points involving Openmoko all come down to

Most specifically, I do NOT want to be told that something is stable when it is
not. The 2008.8 is anything but stable. Half the apps didn't work, the GUI was
occasionally responsive, and, hell, I couldn't even get registered with the

That said, I was very pleased to see what I would [otherwise] consider a large
step forward. I love the concept behind the installer, and I like where Illume
is going.

What is not ok is to proclaim the release as hugely stable when it is far from

I would also like to see some very clear, well maintained documentation for
developers. I would love to write a couple small apps and a game or two for the
device. In fact, that's one of the main reasons I bought the phone.
Unfortunately, the process of getting the toolchain set up has proved far too
time consuming than my schedule can presently tolerate. Beyond that, I'd also
like to see some good documentation for API's (for UI widgets, etc.)

I get this impression that there is a massive disconnect between the development
team and the rest of the people consuming it. This is clearly reflected in the
state of the wiki. I know people are very busy, but there has to be a feedback
loop for the Openmoko + Freerunner to work.

Stephen Shelton
stephen at stephenashelton.com

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