Network over USB flaky ? - Re: Booting OM 2008.08 from SD - Re: Openmoko Om 2008.8 Release

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Sun Aug 10 09:01:41 CEST 2008

> I guess it's pretty flaky :( But still I see some (slow) progress ;)

It really could be related to the USB ports on your PC .. if for some  
reason your PC is not happy with the power-state changes demanded by  
the Freerunner, then it will reset the USB hard layer, and this has  
the effect that your internal USB GUID changes, confusing the usb- 
ethernet driver, and thus giving you inconsistent services.  If its at  
all possible, try running some sort of USB diagnostic app on your PC  
while this is all going on or check your log files for USB-related  
messages in the meantime ..

Jay Vaughan

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