Why you don't crack your FR?

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 09:08:15 CEST 2008

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Tooked from the thead 2008 WTF:

> As it seems they have the contrary.
> They have a leader which seems to dictate everything without
> accepting ideas from the developers or the community.

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> The problem is some features the community really longs for
> are already in the code but all disabled (and they will stay disabled)
> because the leader/design department decides that the community does
> not need them.
> You can't enable them without forking and building your own
> application.
> And that is the problem.

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In that trad there was a lot email like this. Now I was thinking: IPhone
has a lot of limitation, people took it, opened it and they unlocked it.

Doing this the owner loose the warranty, and lose the possibility to
make any upgrade.

And them are happy so! And with some thicks they can also to install
their own applications. A miracle.

Now I am asking. Why you don't crack you FR? With IPhone you risk to
lose your warranty, with FR you will only receive a thank you.
Openmoko is so happy if you break you FR, if you install unofficial
application, if you make forks.

In every project there is an organization. A open source project doesn't
mean to be democratic.

An example: a very known person, Mr. Mark Shuttleworth, is called
“benevolent dictator for life”. Why? Because i drive the develop, with
some chooses, that can happen to don't be nice. But he do.

Steve, Sean, etc are DICTATORS. They are a project and they are
following their idea.

Why this dictators are benevolend? Because they give us the possibility
to choose. They give us the source code and the possibility to become we
too dictators (benevolent). Than the users will choose who will survive.

So, please, stop to cry if something is not how you like. No one
promised you that it will be a democratic process.

But we are free to change the card on the table!

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