bye bye 2008.8, you wont be missed :(

Geoff Ruscoe gcruscoe at
Sun Aug 10 17:22:42 CEST 2008

I agree that the keyboard is a big disappointment.  After learning a few
undocumented tricks (right to left for back space, and the left to right for
accept word) it is a little better, but... if it weren't for the mailing
list I still wouldn't know how to type anything but [A-Z]*...  One of the
flip down keyboard options (not sure what to call this) should definitely be
the full qwerty keyboard (a.k.a. matchbox keyboard?).  But to be fair the
suspend resume is working great for phone and messages.  Battery life is
much improved.  After a little tweaking I got tangogps installed and so I
now have most of the base features I wanted going.  So I'm actually really
really really happy with this release and would like to say thanks to the
openmoko team for doing such a great job.  Just want to say to everone that
was involved in all of the keyboard decision making that was so painful to
read about on this list:  I think you guys had some good ideas but were way
too inflexible and this hurt the end product.  Please try to be more
flexible in the future.  But thanks for all the hard work!  I can't wait to
get developing for this little monster!

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 7:31 AM, Peter Mogensen <apm at> wrote:

> William Kenworthy wrote:
> > I am afraid I am going to have to delete 2008.8 and forget it ever
> > existed.  Despite very little of it working, I was giving it a go but I
> > just had a bug I raised on the keyboard closed with "works for me"
> > saying in effect they are only willing to work on the existing keyboard
> > and its working as designed, so there isnt a problem and no changes/new
> > keyboard alternatives are needed.
> Well, that was not exactly what was said, but I understand your
> disappointment.
> And I'm desperately trying not to draw the same conclusions.
> The keyboard works for me (technically), but it's FAR FROM living up to
> my expectations. It's nice - but only for certain applications and for
> some it really sucks.
> /Peter
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