Kernel and Dual booting

Mikael Berthe mikael.berthe at
Sun Aug 10 18:37:35 CEST 2008

* Olivier Berger <oberger at> [2008-08-10 18:16 +0200]:
> Now I need to test if I can boot it on the SD. If it succeeds, I will
> then be able to flash OM 2008.8, and have switched between flash and
> SD.
> Dual booting is cool ;)

Yes it is :)
(Actually I'm running 2007 from flash and 2008.8 from SD, unlike you...)

Yet I'm wondering if it isn't dangerous to do an opkg upgrade from
the SD.

Wouldn't that update the FR's kernel?
If it does, then it could break booting from flash as the modules won't
match anymore.

Or is there a way to prevent opkg from flashing the kernel?  It would be
nice to upgrade /uImage.bin instead!

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