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Sun Aug 10 22:18:35 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Anyway, it seems it's rather unstable in the first times the system is
| brought up, and stabilizes after a while.
| If I unplug the USB cable when I lose IP connectivity, and replug
| after 1/2 seconds, then it becomes more stable. Well maybe the fact
| that I'm running a ping continously helps also at that
| stage : it may help maintain connectivity somehow ?

This is also quite compatible with the idea the issue is around ip
allocation on Freerunner side: when you remove and replug you will be
doing something radical on the usb0 on Freerunner side (I guess the
semantic is "link down" / "link up", and logical usb0 network device
stays there the whole while).  But still then whatever deals with IP
allocation can be triggered to reapply static IP or do DHCP request, etc
and make the issue go away.

| Anyway, I guess I'll be able to test 2008.8 from flash soon, and may
| be able to tell if that's better.
| In the meantime, 'screen -R -D' is my friend ;)
| Hope this helps.

Well no doubt your issue is real, I guess it is not underlying link
though because I use it heavily with 2008.08 out of the picture here and
it is OK.

- -Andy
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