Illume GSM widget question

Thomas Köckerbauer tkoeck at
Sun Aug 10 23:19:46 CEST 2008


I guess the question goes mainly to raster but I'm happy about replys from 
others too :)

I'm living near the German border in Austria and sometimes get a signal from 
an Austrian network operator and sometimes from a German network operator. If 
I'm connected to an German network operator calls are way more expensive then 
they would be when I'm connected to my home operator. The problem I have now 
is that there is nothing in the ASU UI where I can see which operator I'm 
connected to.

I had a look into the Illume GSM gadget and added the dbus calls to gsmget.c 
to get the operator name. Now I wanted to add a label to the GSM gadget 
itself. The problem I have now is that I can not find the edj file which was 
used to generate  misc-data/illume.edj, the illume.edc in the root directory 
of the repository (svn:// seems not 
to be the right one (in misc-data/illume.edj there are references to the gsm 
icons in illume.edc there are none). Where is the file misc-data/illume.edj 
was created from? Is it missing in the repository or did I just look at the 
wrong place?


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