Battery Charge Solution(Not)

Scott scott at
Sun Aug 10 23:30:33 CEST 2008

I attempted to install the two solutions to the Neo FreeRunner not 
charging when connected to a laptop or car charger.

Even though both sources can easily handle a 500ma charge.

The first one that is packaged up

I installed but no icon on the desktop. It installed a desktop file and 
icon file in the  correct place but nothing is displayed.

I attempted to try to run the program in a terminal window but the 
keyboard is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!  Thats just an exercise in frustration.

I installed the Power Center solution

copy Power Center into /usr/bin and "chmod u+x /usr/bin/power_center"

copy Power Center Desktop fileinto /usr/share/applications

but it crashes when you run it.

If I can't charge the phone with a car charger or computer usb port its 


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