Battery Charger on usb kaput on 2008.8?

William Kenworthy billk at
Mon Aug 11 00:24:52 CEST 2008

Tried the latest kernel?  I had a similar thing where usb would only
charge at 100ma (which is not enough so the FR battery goes slowly flat
on usb), but the wall charer was ok.  A kernel upgrade fixed it.


On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 16:00 -0600, Scott wrote:
> The only defect I found on the trac is about no indication of charging 
> when phone is off. And its listed as an enhancement?
> My problem with the 2008.8 is two fold and not that.
> 1.) it always shows it charging, there is no indication of battery level 
> ever.  You never know where the battery level is?  For a battery powered 
> device, thats bad.
> 2.) It does not charge connected to my laptop.
> Scott
> Scott wrote:> nope I looked, battery dying while plugged into laptop usb 
> has not been
> > reported.
> > 
> > arne anka wrote:
> >> see support.
> >> has been reported already icl a trac entry.
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