GPS rework: Please test and report on software fix priorto attempting any hardware fix

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Mon Aug 11 03:21:41 CEST 2008

A wiki wont do.

A proper test proceedure and test report is called for.

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Agreed. I've been trying to gather that information for the past little
while. It's proven rather elusive, and I didn't want more people to try the
hardware fix until we really understand what the software fix can do, so I
thought I'd better ask for the test ASAP, and then continue working on the

Andy, can you provide links to two kernels: one before, and one after the

The test will consist something like

cat /dev/ttySAC1 | grep GPGGA

and then time it until it gets a fix. I'll be more specific.

Perhaps I'll set up a wiki page for this.


Josh Thompson wrote:
> Could we get a link to some image files to use for this testing?  I'm 
> not quite sure when Andy's fix made it in the kernel.  It would also 
> help standardize the tests if we all use the same images.
> Josh
> On Mon August 4 2008 7:29:17 pm Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> Before we conclude that the hardware fix is required, we'd really 
>> like to gather a lot of statistics from you about the behavior of the 
>> software fix. We have been able to test in only a limited number of 
>> locations, and a limited number of phones.
>> We'd like to ask you to run some tests and report back the TTFF in 
>> each
>> case:
>> 1. Prior to Andy's software fix
>> 1a. Without SD card
>> 1b. With SD card
>> 2. Using Andy's software fix
>> 2a. Without SD card
>> 2b. With SD card
>> Preferably run this test in multiple locations.
>> Results should be reported on a wiki page, which should include your 
>> location (so we can assess other influences e.g. satellite elevation 
>> and weather conditions)
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
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