What will be in GTA03?

Pritam, Ghanghas (IE10) Pritam.Ghanghas at Honeywell.com
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Hi All

I had put this wish list once but no one considered that I guess. Is it
that stupid? At least give your review guys. 

    I see lot of benefits from this shift
       Camera interface
       Two USB one of them OTG
       On chip 2D/3D accelerator -- I didn't get much info about glamo
3362 still TI looks better
       Host of other goodies that you can look in the page
       And I don't see drivers to be a very big problem, seems like we
will get another community working              simultaneously
http://beagleboard.org/ and TI is in mood of cooperating in this
Camera - atleast 2mp -- A camera which can support addon lenses and
filter (as suggested by someone in wiki wishlist) will be awesome Bigger
screen 3.5 or 4"
EDGE please if not 3G
USB 2.0 OTG that will automatically come with OMAP3530 A smaller stylus
- this stylus is good but not for every one please provide support in
the casing for a smaller stylus  as well Rectangular casing -- the lower
portion I think can be easily flattened and upper portion can also be
done with some effort though. May be a recess in PCB for GPS antenna
than putting it on top of it 3.5mm jack -- my current phone has one
Better battery may be some 2000 or 2300mAh will be cool even if it makes
it a little fatter. A device like this must have good battery backup The
kind of framework the project is going towards I would like more RAM may
be 512MB LPDDR Last thing I want is expansion option(this one also is
there in wiki wishlist). My idea is to use any connector that internally
uses USB.
The device can be given to the consumer with a dummy module fitted that
just gives the mini-usb  But possibilities are limitless 
   -- removable camera -- user may buy the type of camera he wants from
several modules
   -- extra SD card stack
   -- may be extra battery
   -- special purpose radios
   -- mini projector
   -- projection keyboard
   -- HDD
   -- finger print scanner
   -- smartcard reader
   -- Wi-Max or any other future tech

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On Aug 09, Monkey D. Luffy wrote:

> 1) camera (decent one, 3MP or more)
> Will it be possible to record movies with sound? What resolution?

if there will be a camera, please make the hardware so modular 
that it's possible to remove the camera without big hassle like 
cutting PCBs etc. (and include a small plastic thing to close
the hole left by the removed camera).

there are environments where one is not allowed to use nor carry a
and I'd like to keep and use my OM there too....

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