No pin dialog/ qpe

Norbert Hartl norbert at
Mon Aug 11 12:45:57 CEST 2008

What is qpe exactly doing? I noticed a lot of problems
other people reporting like the no pin dialog. Looking 
at the device qpe uses 100% CPU for a long time. I don't
understand it but the CPU usage of qpe is capable to slow
down other things extremely. The SIM Pin dialog is working
with the new firmware but delayed through qpe.

Holger Freyther gave me the hint that it is looking for 
media on the SD card. In 


there is a section where qpe is configured for the media
it should search. For the SD card every media type is 
activated. So the qpe searches the SD card after booting
blocking a lot of other things. There are two issues for

- it is discussable if these settings are useful as default
  to search for media on the SD card. While being troublesome
  I would be against it

- furthermore the SD card is configured as being removable
  forcing the qpe to do the search every time being activated.
  Removable can be interpret as two things. The card is removable
  at runtime or it is removable at all. In the second case this 
  would be true for hard disks as well :)
  If this is meant as something sensible at runtime this is a
  misinterpretation. You have to shut down the freeunner to 
  remove the card so it is not really removable


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