No pin dialog/ qpe

Rorschach r0rschach at
Mon Aug 11 13:35:28 CEST 2008

Thanks Norbert very much for finally finding the real problem with the pin dialog not appearing! Removing this makes the pin-dialog appear for me with !!every boot!! now ca. 15-20 sec after x started. Before this patch the pin-dialog just appeared 1 out of 40 boots! This is a big improvment.

So if this is really needed to do by qpe, this process should be forked away from qpe in order to not block other things and it should be given a low priority with nice not to consume so much cpu and blocking other processes with this.

# diff /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltech/Storage.conf.bak /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltech/Storage.conf
--- /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltech/Storage.conf.bak	Mon Aug 11 11:19:26 2008
+++ /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltech/Storage.conf	Mon Aug 11 11:20:02 2008
@@ -2,19 +2,8 @@
 Name[] = HOME
 Documents = 1
 Applications = 0
-Name[] = SD Card
-Removable = 1
-Applications = 1
-Documents = 1
-ContentDatabase = 1

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