Initrd partition for fix kernel and modules possible incompatibilities by upgrade

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Mon Aug 11 13:04:11 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I've been thinking about this since some time and I'd like to know why
| don't you make one more partition with initrd which would have some
| needed modules and basic scripts for proper complete OpenMoko boot (for
| example: g_ether etc. - I don't know which modules are used in boot
| process - my FR didn't arrive yet).
| In this way with flashing kernel it will need to flash the initrd, too,
| but wont make problems when kernel modules are not upgraded on rootfs.
| Something simmilar is already used by other Linux distributions for not
| need to compile many modules as built-in in kernel.
| This initrd partition would be overmounted with rootfs by these basic
| scripts in boot process.
| This way it would not need to flash rootfs (and loose data there) in case
| of any upgrade problems.
| Please correct me if I'm wrong - it's just basic theoretical thinking - I
| didn't have FR in my hands yet nor I looked at the OpenMoko filesystem.

I have another way to come at this:

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