What will be in GTA03?

Daniel Benoy daniel at benoy.name
Mon Aug 11 15:37:31 CEST 2008

While we're on the topic of hardware wishlist stuff, I'd like to throw in my two cents ^.^

- Hot swapable SD card slot
- External wifi antenna connector (Mmmm war driving)
- Official openmoko car charger (That gives me 1A without having to futz around)

Also, I'd like the camera idea to be an optional extra at most.

The buttons idea isn't so bad too, even though I really like the clean minimalist look the freerunner has right now.

I've responded inline to the comments of the original poster below.

On Saturday 09 August 2008 10:34:32 Monkey D. Luffy wrote:
> 1) camera (decent one, 3MP or more)
> Will it be possible to record movies with sound? What resolution?

Since this phone will not be offered with any contracts (at least at first, depending on how successful it gets), I don't think people will be willing to pay an extra $200 just to get a camera in there.  It's possible for a USB camera/webcam to be attached to the phone when it's in host mode.  If you want to see that, you're more than welcome to go create it yourself.  The CAD files are freely available for the phone, so you could probably readily create a snugly fitting clip-on camera that replaces the back plate, or something.  (Most people don't have te resources for this, but that's fine.  If there's enough consumer demand, it will eventually happen)

> 2) buttons on the damn thing :p
> SNES and GBx all the way :)
> Or at the very least, sell the GTA03 with an optional control pad:
> http://www.icontrolpad.com/ But try to make it as small as possible
> (maybe the control pad overlapping the case) so it doesn't get toooo big.

You can already plug USB gamepads into the unit.  Making one that actually connects to the unit so you don't have to awkwardly balance the phone on your lap or something should also be easy enough for an aftermarket manufacturer, but for now you're stuck with duct tape :p

> 3) holder for a small plastic stylus. With an optinal string
> connecting both, so that if you drop it by chance it doesn't get lost
> forever in some crack to hell.
> If possible, keep this in mind if selling the icontrolpad thingy (so
> the stylus doesn't get trapped there).

Seems like nitpicking, but I guess it's a valid desire.

> 4) GPS
> Will I be able to keep maps updated for free?
> Will it be possible to make use of google maps, in the sense of having
> the indications on how to get from A to B?

This is a software issue, not a hardware one.  There's a GPS in the GTA02 and if the right software ever gets created then it will be able to do what you describe.

> 5) USB connector (USB 2.x), in order to connect the phone to the computer

?  That's on the side.

> 6) WiFi

Already in there.

> 7) accelerometers

Yep.  Got that.

> 8) bluetooth

Has that too.

> 9) a cute chinese or japanese girl ^_^
> Well, at least their phone numbers :p

I would like a cute japanese girl's phone number too, but I think that's up to the sim card manufacturer, or the openmoko software side.
It would be preferable if the cute japanese girl was really into open source too.  I don't know if that's feasible.

> I heard about xv and glamo and what else... What I need to know is:
> Will I be able to watch videos or play games (with sound on both) at
> 640x480 resolution?

I think we should be able to do this with the hardware that's out there now.  Anyone achieved this?

Daniel Benoy
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