strange problem with Intenso 4GB SDHC card

Andrew Burgess elist at
Mon Aug 11 17:24:14 CEST 2008

Perhaps this will help until Andy gets the new kernel ready.

I had vanishing partition table problems on my OLPC XO (fixed now in
kernel 2.6.25). I found that I could avoid data loss by doing two
1) create a swap partition as the first partition.
2) when the table vanishes, recreate it EXACTLY as before (IOW same
size swap partiton followed by same size (Or remainder of card)
filesystem partition.

For me, the filesystem data reappeared undamaged.

This worked I think because the bug mashes sever sectors at the
beginning of the SD card, and by letting the swap partition take the
hit your data survives.

Andrew Burgess

> ...suspend. afterwards a few directories were misisng.

see above

> fr -- but that fails with "read-only filesystem". and indedd magically the
> card is mounted read only.
> mount /media/card -o remount,rw
> changes that, but next thing i know is "read only filesystem".

ext2/3 will remount RO if there are filesystem errors, which there
probably are if you lost directories. See dmesg?

> not sure if that fits into the original problem with the fried boot sector.

probably, IME several of the first sectors are involved

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