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Tue Aug 12 02:41:11 CEST 2008

Hi All,
  I don't usually use mailing lists, so I hope it's not bad etiquette just to say hi!
  I've bought a Neo Freerunner and debug board - all looks pretty good so far. This is my first real use of Linux and I'm beginning to feel like I'm throwing myself off the deep end a bit, but I'm a self-taught programmer by profession so hopefully I can get the hang of it. I've tried out the Qtopia GTA02 release and now the OM2008.08 release, finally managed to get connected to the internet and am just working my way through a few installers.
  What really interested me about this project however was the possibility that I might be able to get into the user interface development a bit. I have a few ideas for a mobile GUI that I'd like to put into practice. So far, most of my research has brought up details on building applications, but very little on messing about with interface underneath. Is there currently an SDK or any form of information that can help me get started with this? I hope I haven't missed any FAQs or something obvious, but I really have been searching for days!
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