GPRS working (somewhat) with T-Mobile and Freerunner

Nathan Kinkade nath at
Tue Aug 12 07:14:26 CEST 2008

2008/8/11 Dylan Semler <dylan.semler at>:
> I too am getting "Connect script failed".  I got it as well with 2007.2.
> # pppd debug nodetach call tmobile
> timeout set to 15 seconds
> send (\K\K\K\d+++ATH^M)
> expect (OK)
> alarm
> send (AT^M)
> expect (OK)
> alarm
> Failed
> Connect script failed
> --
> Dylan


I have got that error before, too.  Just for the sake of testing, try this:

1) Create/modify the files precisely like I posted them in the first messages
2) Halt your Freerunner completely.
3) Boot the Freerunner from the halted state.
4) Get and SSH over USB connection in one terminal and launch "logread -f"
5) Wait for the flurry of boot messages to die down
6) Open another SSH connection in a new terminal.
7) Run "# pon tmobile"
8) Switch to the terminal running logread and see what happens.

This much worked for me, but a cold boot was necessary for some reason.

I've been playing around with it, and I definitely have some sort of
connection because I can point the browser to a site like and I at least get an error page page
telling me that my account hasn't been configured.  Maybe T-Mobile
quit offering any free WAP services, or else I just don't know the
right proxy settings.

I'm content GPRS is now working for me.  The next step will be to
figure out a way to switch between phone functionality and GPRS
without a halt/restart.  And even better would be multiplexing of the
voice and data so that one could still receive calls while connected
via GPRS.


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