tangospg and 2008.8 - how to do gpsd?

Robert William Hutton rwh at helms-deep.cable.nu
Tue Aug 12 10:08:34 CEST 2008

Erland Lewin wrote:
> How did you guys handle the gpsd for TangoGPS under 2008.8?
> I thought 2008.8 used gypsy or a dbus-based gpsd or something. Will 
> installing gpsd conflict with whichever gypsy-solution is used on 
> 2008.8? Which gpsd package did you install, if that's what you did?

I'm not sure if it does conflict with the gypsy thing or not as I really 
don't like the included GPS app and so never use it (perhaps I've been 
spoiled by tango ;).

To get tangoGPS to work, I installed the following packages and their 




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