Om2008.8 comments and questions

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Aug 13 01:24:22 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 12 August 2008, Helmut Tessarek wrote:
> ad 2) I was not able to migrate my phonebook from om2007 to om2008. I had a
> backup from my home dir and I had the .vcf files on my sd card. Well,
> entering my 500 contacts is not an option. The keyboard is more or less
> useless, since it takes at least 'number of character' times 2 seconds to
> enter a word, which cannot be guessed by the keyboard 'logic'.
> What about sending contacts via Bluetooth? What about importing vcf files?

The VCF import method mentioned in the wiki works fine for me with the 
addressbook exported by my old k700i. You can run from the terminal which you 
can install using the installer app, or you can run it via SSH, though in 
that case you'll probably want to 'export DISPLAY=:0' first.

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