(NAND) boot problems with empty batteries ?

Harald Koenig koenig at tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Aug 13 10:44:16 CEST 2008


when my gta02v5 battery is completely empty I have two problems booting again at all:

1) NAND u-boot does not work:

after connecting AC charger I can start only NOR boot (aux button first),
but the NAND boot (no aux button, only pwr button for 10+ seconds just
does nothing, the aux button doesn't blink then either).

removing power and battery for some 10 seconds doesn't help.

just charging 10 minutes (using AC charger) before trying [nand] boot doesn't help right now either.

update (I write this email because right now I'm that "out of power mode again":-(

after 10+ minutes connection to AC charger (still powered off) I can't even 
get into the NOR boot anymore.   
I removed the battery and AC, reconnected both and NOR boot came up.  
here I selected "power off" and tried to do a regular NAND boot (no aux) -- doesn't react.
now NOR boot doesn't work either.
after some waiting (1 min?) NOR boot comes up again, now I selected "reboot" 
(is this supposed to re-boot the nand uboot?).  the screen got white for ~2 seconds,
than black again and that's it:-(

what's going wrong here ??

2) boot process crashes (switches off) with usb power from notebook

if I connect the FR to my notebook (Lenovo T61p) for power and once I manage to boot,
the boot just crashes after a while (1-2+ minutes), I only have a black screen then
and all I can do to boot again (long pwr on).  usually in this situation all futher 
tries to boot won't come up either.

I'm not sure if these crashes might be triggered by the notebook having some USB problems
("device not accepting address ...") and thus disabling usb power for that port
("port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...") or if that hub-disabling is only
a result of the FR already being crashed or switched off during boot.

solution in this case: I removed the empty battery, replaced it with the battery 
of my "real" (nokia) phone (nokia). then boot works, and while FR is running and
connected to the notebook I swap batteries again and charge the empty FR battery.

I had this situation(2) at least 3-4 times before using various uboot/kernel/distro versions,
I only started using the AC charger yesterday and realized, that it supplies 
much higher current and charging goes much faster (almost a fator 3 in charging rate!)

are these known problems ?
how can I get the FR up with empty batteries, how to charge an empty battery ?

thanks for any hint or comment,

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