What could be done to improve the OM development process?

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Wed Aug 13 12:49:16 CEST 2008

> On Wednesday 13 August 2008 00:05:14 Jeffery Davis wrote:
> > 2. Better communication between the development community and the end
> > user community.  I have yet to see anyone say they're pleased
> > as punch with the keyboard.  When almost everyone is unhappy, closing
> > bugs as 'working as intended' is pigheaded.
You shouldn't understand a community as the incarnation of a collective
dictatorship. There is still a company that may have other ideas than
everybody in the community. That is ok. It is rather that people have
problems in understanding the "openness" in those things. You are 
not forced by anyone to use the keyboard. You can change it any time.
If you don't like much more things you can even fork the whole thing
and make like you expect it. No intellectual property hassle, you are
free to do it. 

That sounds like the same dumb answers before? Yes, it reads like
a big excuse for everything from the community members. But there
is one thing why this is the way to answer such things. Projects
like openmoko survive from people that do anything for it. It is
starving through simple complaints, tons of "enhancement" wishes
and the public management of sensitivities . So for me it is the
ultimate justice that the people that do decide what to do. If a
company pays people to do the work that nobody likes to do than
everything is perfect :)

hmm, there are a lot of cents in my pocket today :)


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