opkg upgrade - kernel not updated corectly - Om2008.8

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Aug 13 13:47:48 CEST 2008

Benedikt Schindler wrote:
> it's me again with an update problem of the kernel.
> i like kernels.... and i like to update them in a wrong way :)
> so here are my steps so far.
> Device: Freerunner
> rootfs: Om2008.8
> kernel: Om2008.8
> i installed the Om2008.8 and did a "opkg update & opkg upgrade".
> i deleted the neo-feeds.
> i added this feeds to opkg:
> http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily-feed/om-gta02/
> http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily-feed/armv4t/
> http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily-feed/all/

Those feeds are not updates to Om2008.08

If you use them, you are guaranteed to have versioning problems.

Let me repeat it again:

Buildhost does *not* build ASU/Om2008.08 packages.

I'm hoping that Openmoko build leader will announce a change to this 
policy, but at the moment you cannot get Om2008.08 updates from buildhost.

-- Rod

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