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Wed Aug 13 14:38:59 CEST 2008

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Olivier Berger wrote:
> Please re-read
> http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2008-August/025619.html !

Hi Oliver

Usually I do this 2-3 times, because I am not an enlgish native speaker.
And with written text usually is a bit more difficult to understand the
tone of a message

> I'd have expected a release announcement saying that it was not ready,
> because (as QA report exhibited) there were major problems, but that,
> still, people who would like to help could test-drive it.
> It was all like : "it's much better than 2007.2", which it wasn't for
> serious reasons.
> Hence my disappointment (which turned into anger, with the bugtracker
> usage misunderstandings).

No one is perfect. Neither the person that work in Openmoko. They are
only humans, and may be they liked so much 2008.8 that they said: for us
is like a stable release.
Is possible they was wrong, but these is no reason to be in angry with
them, because they shared their errors with us.

Belive me, in every development process errors happens. The important
thing is how it will be solved. Some people asked to divide the
development image from *enought* stables image, other did other propouse.

To write an email when you are in angry and fustrated is not the best
way to help them.

If we continue to attach them in this way, them will finish to see us
more like customers (or ennemy) than a community.

And I don't like to be a customer.

> Again, this was a big frustration for all those who believed in what
> was announced in the release message.
> But I think I have made enough rant.
> Be sure that this won't stop me from trying to be as constructive as I
> can in other technical areas.

I apologize if I said you was not constructive, but according me is very
important to let them to understand we want to be with them, and not
against them, like a lot of email I read in these days.

> Lookin' forward for next batch of updates, and let's see if QA work is
> more seriously taken into consideration before releasing, then.
> Best regards,

Best regards :)
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