GPS application (was: Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld)

Abdelrazak Younes younes at
Wed Aug 13 16:59:48 CEST 2008

Marcus Bauer wrote:
> gpsd works well and gypsy is not network capable. Simply using your
> Neo's GPS from your Laptop does not work. And especially for an
> application like tangoGPS it is inherently broken: every nav-application
> wants to have the raw NMEA and not some preprocessed stuff and the
> concept to only be notified for certain events is nonsense because any
> nav-app wants to be notified about every data coming in. This concept
> just sucks CPU time.


I am beginning to invest my time in the openmoko world. I just ordered 
one and will start working on it next month probably. I am mostly 
interested in the GPS area. I am *very* excited by the prospects :-)

Your post made me doing some research about gpsd. In my opinion, the 
concept of gpsd is nice for desktop application but I am truly wondering 
why this is relevant for a handheld device where only one app is on 
screen most of the time. I am also not very keen on NMEA, very bad 
protocol if you ask me. The only sane and powerful solution is to read 
and decode the ublox binary format. I happen to know quite a bit about 
that, maybe I'll contribute a decoder...

By the way, I didn't know about Tango GPS until now, it looks nice for 
what I read on your web site. Once I come back from holydays and I 
receive my Gta2, I'll try it. Maybe I'll contribute, who knows :-)

I am involved in LyX development too ( so maybe I'll port 
that too :-)

> But just my 2c. ;-)

Your two cents was worth enough to trigger my motivation :-)


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