GPRS working (somewhat) with T-Mobile and Freerunner

C R McClenaghan chris at
Wed Aug 13 17:10:02 CEST 2008

Thanks for the response, the ticket is number 88.


On Aug 12, 2008, at 6:39 AM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> Am Montag 11 August 2008 18:39:14 schrieb C R McClenaghan:
>> There have now been several posts related to the successful use of
>> GPRS on one or more of the software platforms - OM 200*.* and FSO -
>> but not much discussion of how to multiplex voice and data calls. The
>> FSO platform through it's mdbus/dbus interface seems to accomplish
>> this.
> Yeah. We are very satisfied with the performance of gsm0710muxd.
>> [1] below describes how to do so with a prior release of ASU. Is
>> the multiplexer referenced in [1] - gsm0710muxd - now part of OM
>> 2008.8 and should the direct use of /dev/ttySAC0 be avoided?
> No, Om2008.8 is using the Qtopia gsm subsystem, which brings its own
> multiplexer (which was disabled for the Neo last time i checked, but  
> i don't
> know the current status).
>> Is the
>> multiplexer referenced in [1] and apparently running on FSO the means
>> by which data and voice are multiplexed in FSO?
> Yes.
>> In FSO, if gsm0710muxd
>> is the running daemon, what is the role of gsmd?
> No one is working on gsmd any longer. Some of the architectural  
> decisions made
> right in the beginning of the project have proven unfixable. The  
> work of gsmd
> is getting done by the ogsmd subsystem which is part of the  
> framework daemon.
>> Is gsmd active during
>> voice calls only?
> frameworkd.ogsmd is taking care about everything non-PPP. pppd takes  
> care
> about the actual data on a GPRS, however ogsmd takes care of  
> configuring pppd
> and restoring configuration once the GPRS connection has been setup/ 
> taken
> down.
>> Finally, with FSO and the mdbus/dbus interface , how
>> can I set other connection parameters - for example, speed, timeouts,
>> reconnect?
> Which parameters exactly do you want to configure? We already  
> configure it to
> have maximum throughput.
>> Oh, yea - how can either a dund or pand connection event trigger gprs
>> for laptop tethering?
> Please open an 'enhancement' ticket (
> -- 
> :M:

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