Illume patch/question

Thomas Köckerbauer tkoeck at
Wed Aug 13 22:07:09 CEST 2008


As mentioned a few days ago I tried to add the operator name into the illume 
gsm gadget. I've created two patch files, one for the source and one for the 
freerunner.edc file which is used for illume.edj. The thing where I'm still 
struggling is the placement of the operator name label. I did not manage to 
place the label next to the gsm icon so that it does not overlap anything 
else or it allocates lots of space it does not use. I've now only added the 
label without any ref1 and ref2 entries. Does anyone have a hint how to get 
that right?

Here are the patches:

Btw, how should patches be submitted (trac entry, posting on the project page, 
mail, ...)?


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