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On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 22:07:09 +0200 Thomas Köckerbauer <tkoeck at>

let me take a look. yes - you can do popups. though there is no theme or
"standard popup layout" - you can always do your own or recycle an existing
one, but it won't match the theme. as any form of popup was not specified in
ASU's design - i pretty much have no nice and easy support for it. :( what is
useful here is the code patches to get the nuts and bolts data. good work! i
need to merge this and the FSO dbus support patches. i'll look at yours today
and deal with the FSO ones from stefan now that i have dictionary
lookup/correction support back in illume's keyboard. (though need to build an
image and test...)

> Hi
> As mentioned a few days ago I tried to add the operator name into the illume 
> gsm gadget. I've created two patch files, one for the source and one for the 
> freerunner.edc file which is used for illume.edj. The thing where I'm still 
> struggling is the placement of the operator name label. I did not manage to 
> place the label next to the gsm icon so that it does not overlap anything 
> else or it allocates lots of space it does not use. I've now only added the 
> label without any ref1 and ref2 entries. Does anyone have a hint how to get 
> that right?
> Here are the patches:
> source:
> freerunner.edc:
> Btw, how should patches be submitted (trac entry, posting on the project
> page, mail, ...)?
> Cheers,
> Thomas
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