[ Software Testing Report : 2008.08.07 ]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Thu Aug 14 04:56:47 CEST 2008

Hi Dale,

thanks for your support, we'll make our test report more clear.
About notifying those important bugs, we'll also put into our next test 


On Wednesday 13 August 2008 18:20:18 Dale Maggee wrote:
> Wendy,
> I'd really like to be notified when these bugs are fixed, specifically:
>  - Some of the testing phone can not make phone calls but can receive/send
> SMS??? (With alert message"no network")
>  - Two of our phone can not wake up from suspend time.
> These are the two major issues which made me go back to 2007.2. Is there a
> way I can be notified of this? will there be an announcement on the list?
> Also, while I disagree with the 'aha, and you released anyway' comment and
> don't necessarily see anything wrong with releasing in an unstable state, I
> do think that it should have been made clear(er) in the announcement that
> OM's QA team had said "Not stable enough to release our Om 2008.8"
> I think that the talk of debian style stable/testing/unstable branches is a
> good idea.
> Thanks,
> -Dale

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