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Thu Aug 14 09:04:02 CEST 2008

can you add the Atom chip to our 'Chip Scouting' section at 
Also in the future, any hardware related mails should go to hardware at
I am getting our Electrical Engineers to subscribe to that list, and  
we do take the Chip Scouting thing very serious.
Just this morning we had 2 people from Telit visit us, after someone  
added the UC-864 module to the Chip Scouting section, and we were glad  
to hear that open documentation is part of Telit's business strategy.

Talking about Intel, I think I can say publicly that we have a very  
good relationship with Intel, they gave us a Menlow development  
machine a while ago and we did some experiments with it.
We would be delighted to work with Intel on upcoming phone models,  
especially if they continue with their 'open documentation' policy,  
which they seem to be serious about.

One really cool thing about Intel is that they release some of their  
documentation under a Creative Commons license.
Many vendors still don't do that. Even if their documentation is  
'open', redistribution is forbidden. That means we cannot put these  
files onto our servers, we have to link to their servers. And if they  
take down the files some time later, people may be out of luck and we  
cannot offer help. That's what happened to the Samsung documentation  
for example.

So whenever vendors are coming in and I meet them, I mention how happy  
we are about Intel releasing documentation under Creative Commons.  
More chip vendors should adopt this, and I hope Intel itself  
eventually will release all their documentation under a Creative  
Commons license, not turn back...
Best Regards, thanks for your help in pointing us at interesting chips!

On Aug 14, 2008, at 8:00 AM, Jeffery Davis wrote:

> Is there any possibility a future model could incorporate the Intel
> Atom?  They're launching dual-core
> models soon at around $43.  Battery life would probably be somewhat  
> less
> than it would continuing with ARM, though.
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