2008.9 - Was Re: Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Thu Aug 14 10:59:52 CEST 2008

>   Half an hour.  15 commands to copy and paste.  How much more
> hand-holding does a developer need?

that's only part of the story!
the stuff mokomakefile gets you is already prepared to be build with  
bitbake&cie -- which does not mean that everything builds at all (frinst  
vlc fails completely because it does not find libpostproc and no other  
package does provide it, the provided ortp.pc is useless sinbce all  
packages i tried to compile that needed that file failed to accept it).
last not least i am not sure how up-to-date teh stuff mokomakefile checks  
out is -- i often get packages with numbers lower than the actual packages  
offered by the feeds, but that might be caused by my setup.
since development means to alter existing code or creating your own you  
need far more -- to alter code you need at least something called a  
"layer" or so (need to dug into the issue further) because mokomakefile or  
bitbake or whatver stubbornly refuses to update modified files.
creating your own code means you need to create your own bitbake receipt  
and so and so on.

someone (with a rather scandinavic name) posted a link a while ago to his  
blog entry building ipk-packages w/o mokomakefile, which might be an  
easier way to develop own stuff, i did not try it (yet).

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