Is Neo1973 truly abandoned?

polz polz at
Fri Aug 15 13:37:16 CEST 2008

On Thursday 14 August 2008 20:03:43 John Locke wrote:

> I'd say, the minimum that we need for GTA01 would:
> 1. have working, reliable GSM service to use as a phone
This works with both Qtopia and the old GTK based OpenMoko distribution. It 
also works with FSO.
> 2. have working, reliable suspend/resume so that you can get more than 4
> hours at a time, without breaking the other features
This has been working for me for more than a month now. The only problem I've 
noticed is that either the GPS or GSM seems to sometimes go beserk. The main 
CPU is suspended but the phone is warm to the touch and the battery is 
emptied in a few hours.
> 3. provide working SMS,
So far I've only got this to work with Qtopia.
> 4. have an address book, and calendar in some form that can be
> synchronized with desktop/online services
to be done
> 5. have a GPS/mapping software that works.
> So as best I can tell, we have 4 out of 5, but not even in any
> combination that can be run together.
Since most of the development done for the FreeRunner seems to also benefit us 
GTA01 users, I'm pretty sure we'll get there in a few months. Also, since the 
main improvement over the previous version seems to be eyecandy, I don't feel 
like we're missing much by not having access to a pre-built 2008.8 image.

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