Locations (2008.8) Questions.

Feydreva feydreva at lsu.fr
Fri Aug 15 19:14:17 CEST 2008


   - where are the tiles downloaded while using Locations saved ?

/tmp/diversity-maps ??

If they are, is there a way to save them somewhere different ? so I do not
have to download them all the time.

Or i can create a map package like :
and save them my_map1.eek
but  if I download news tiles, I have to think about creating a
my_maps2.eek, before I reboot the FR again...

I wish there was a way to have all the map saved in a permanent locations...

   - Also, If I want to use/Download  some Google_maps (for personal usage)
   and use them with Location , how do I do that ?

I am going to vacation in a location there is no OSM map, and I would like
to have the gmap instead...

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