atd: how to start a job every 10 minutes ?

Chris Wright dhasenan at
Fri Aug 15 20:16:40 CEST 2008

2008/8/15 Harald Koenig <koenig at>:
> On Aug 15, Roland Mas wrote:
>> You may want ot look at cron instead of at.  at is for one-time jobs,
>> cron is for recurring jobs.
> will cron work while FR being suspended ?
> haven't checked yet, but so far I've read this only from atd,
> and atd exclusively opens /dev/rtc (see hwclock problems...)
> bute maybe there is a OM cron version which interfaces with atd ?!
> I'll check, thanks for the pointer...

If not, then you can write a script that executes whatever you want
and then adds itself to atd.

Those who do not understand recursion are doomed.

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