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Sat Aug 16 13:02:40 CEST 2008

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I just received my FR and I have installed 2008.8 and now Debian. I
installed vfat/ext.

No problem during the installation :)

The interface is very very nice, the only problem I have is that when I
try to launch the dialed, the phone freeze for two minutes! :) I
installed aptitude so I will keep my system (eh... phone) updated.

Keep up this great work!

Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Dear OpenMoko community,
> the FSO packaging team of the Debian project[1] is happy to announce
> that we have started to provide installation procedures and packages
> required to have your FreeRunner[2] run Debian-powered.
> This means that you can use your favorite tools such as apt-get and the
> other >20.000 packages on your FreeRunner, including the
>[3] software stack. You can also develop applications
> for your FreeRunner the “Debian way”.
> To install Debian onto your MicroSD card, alongside your current Image
> on the internal Flash, see the instructions at
> These will provide you with a minimal Debian installation plus
> everything required to use zhone. From there on, you are free to modify
> your system as you wish – with the full power and flexibility of the
> Debian system.
> Note that Debian does not try provide yet another software stack (or
> “Distribution” in the OpenMoko slang) next to 2007.2, 2008.8 or FSO, but
> rather an alternative base, comparable to OpenEmbedded[3]. We are
> looking forward to also support other stacks such as the Stable Hybrid
> Release[4], once they are ready for that.
> All this is still very new and was created during at the DebConf 8 in
> Mar de Plata since last week. This means that there are still bugs and
> other things to improve. You are invited to join the development by
> subscribing to the smartphone-standards[5] mailing list that the Debian
> team shares with the FSO team. There is also a wiki page[6] with more
> information on the pkg-fso team, including a TODO section.
> I’d like to thank Jon “maddog” Hall from Koolu[7] for lending me an
> additional device for installation tests, and all the other testers at
> DebConf and elsewhere that helped us to remove at least some of the
> bugs. But don’t worry – I’m sure there are some bugs left for you!
> Please send replies and further discussion to the
> smartphone-standards[5] mailing list, but note that you have to
> subscribe to that list first.
> Enjoy!
> 	Joachim Breitner
> on behalf of the pkg-fso team:
> 	Philipp Kern
> 	Jan Lübbe
> 	Luca Capello
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> [7]
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