Suspend/Resume Issue: Possible Hardware Problem?

Robert Bieber robby at
Sat Aug 16 17:41:31 CEST 2008

When OM2008.8 was released, I flashed it to my Freerunner, and suspend 
and resume worked impeccably for the first couple of days I had it.  
After that, however, it started going into suspend and refusing to come 
out, even if called.  I reflashed with 2008.8, but the problem 
persisted.  I have since tried multiple reflashes of OM2008.8, FSO 
Milestone 2, and Qtopia, and none of them will allow the phone to come 
out of suspend.  Given that the problem persists across distributions, 
it would seem as though there may be an issue with the phone itself.  
Does anyone else have any experience with this problem?  Could there be 
a software fix, or am I going to have to have the phone replaced?

Thank you,
Robert Bieber

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