screen lock program for 2008.8 like is on 2007.2

Nathan Kinkade nath at
Sat Aug 16 23:33:34 CEST 2008

2008/8/16 Nathan Kinkade <nath at>:
> When I received my Neo Freerunner it had a nice screen locking program
> that required you to drag an object from the bottom of the screen to
> the top in order to unlock the screen.  I have since upgraded to
> 2008.8, but miss a screen locking program like that.  Is anything like
> that available for 2008.8?
> Also, locking the screen with the AUX button isn't of much use to me
> because the screen doesn't blank nor will the device suspend while the
> screen is locked like that.  Seems like a waste of battery power to
> have the screen locked but still actively displaying.  Sometimes I
> don't want to suspend the phone, but I want the screen to blank and be
> locked.  Maybe there is a way to configure the AUX button to do that?

Sorry to respond to my own message, but I was either mistaken about
the screen not blanking when locked, or else it was fixed in an
upgrade I did yesterday using packages from  And it also
suspends when locked.  Nice.


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