Qtopia plus OM 2008.8

Paul Buede paul at buede.com
Sat Aug 16 23:58:52 CEST 2008

This may be a silly question, but, can I take the alsa files from
2008.8, which allow speaker phone to work, and presumably would allow
the plug in headset to work (haven't tested this), and presumably allow
my bluetooth headset to work (not sure how to pair it in 2008.8) and put
them on the latest qtopia and get it all to work?  If the answer is yet,
which files do I need?

I am playiny with 2008.8 right now.  Its awesome.  The only bug that
bothers me so far is incoming calls when the phone is in suspend, the
phone wakes up but gives me no way to answer the call.  SMS and phone
functions work great, and I am learning to like the funky keyboard.


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